Web Servers

Web server is a program which delivers your files that form a web page to the users on the internet. However, setting up a web server and maintaining it can always cause headaches. But you need not worry about all these as we are here to assist you with all your web server related issues.


Apache is the most popular and widely used open source webserver which runs on most UNIX based operating systems and on windows etc. It has a variety of features such as extended use of different modules and support many server-side programming languages to extend the core functionalities.


Ngnix is an open source web server which has high performance, high concurrency and low resource usage. Nginx runs several processes in a single thread which reduce the consumption of resources. It has is a single master process and several worker processes.


Litespeed web server plays an essential part in shared hosting server as through this, you get high scalability and high performance and it’s completely Apache interchangeable. LiteSpeed is more than 50% faster in PHP content delivery than Apache.