Shared Support

Every company eventually reaches the point where it needs to hire more employees to keep up with its expansion. Some companies hire employees in-house, while others use an outside firm to handle billing, marketing, and technical support, among other things.

There are two popular models of working for outsourced service providers:

  • Dedicated support – A support engineer is a person who works solely for your firm. You’ll get one-on-one assistance and won’t have to worry about cost overruns.
  • Shared support – You have a support tech who also works for other companies. You can save money by using this time-sharing strategy.

Why choose shared support?

When you have a low volume of tickets and your systems or methods are widely used in the industry, shared support is the ideal option. Many of our customers who use Shared Support are either startups or use popular server administration software. Here are the top reasons to choose Shared Support:

  1. Low support volume:- Some of our shared support customers are small businesses with low support volumes. They use our services to respond to customers quickly even when they are not present.
  2. 24/7 coverage:- Site hosts, digital marketers, web designers, and other services that operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week are among our customers. People continue to phone them at all hours of the day and night, which can be difficult to respond to, especially if it is late at night or when they are traveling. While our customers are away from the office, our shared support provides an easy solution to assure a 24/7 presence.
  3. Escalated support:-When you’re running a complex operation like web hosting, having an expert on-call can come in handy. Our clients frequently use our services to escalate complex issues to our support specialists as they handle routine tech support concerns.
  4. First-line support:- While some people utilize pooled support to escalate issues, others use it in a reverse way. We handle 99 percent of support concerns, and those that require additional attention (such as selling additional services) are forwarded to our customers. Our clients will no longer have to monitor the assistance queue and will be able to better utilize their time.