Server Tweak And Optimization

Nowadays, loading speed is the most important factor that has a significant impact on the popularity of your website. One of the most important ways to improve it is to fine-tune the server. If you want to have your server tweaked and optimized, we can assist you and make your website lightning fast. Our Server Tweaking & Optimization plan includes Server Tweaking & Optimization to maximize the performance of your server and provide a better customer experience. We improve the way your kernel interacts with your server’s hardware to optimize it. When it comes to server optimization, there are numerous factors to consider. The most crucial is to understand the maximum performance that your server hardware can provide. We examine every aspect of your server environment, including RAM, CPU Proc, Hard Disks, Swap Memory, Network, Kernel Version, and Linux OS, to ensure that everything is working properly.

We’ll recommend a number of options for improving your server’s speed, including:

  •     Percona installation or MySQL server tuning
  •     Installation of Ngnix instead of/in addition to Apache
  •    Proper web server configurations
  •    Php-fpm instead of mod PHP
  •    Applying PHP accelerator