Semi Dedicated Support

If you feel that a fully dedicated support team is too much for your support needs, our semi-dedicated team plan will be a good option. In this package, the team will be working for two clients. A team of Redhat/Microsoft Certified Technicians will be working each day for your company. This will make your support operations more effective, as the support team will be more familiar with your business operations. All semi-dedicated support Teams are supervised by a Quality Manager, who will be monitoring customer communications and ensuring that your company gets the best quality support for your customers. Semi-Dedicated plans are accessible for individuals who cannot afford a dedicated staff but yet require a low-cost hosting platform. The semi-dedicated workforce will be shared among two or three customers in order to achieve the highest quality at the lowest cost. Every day, the same crew will be available for live chat and email assistance.

Semi-Dedicated Help is a solution for web hosts who need priority support similar to that provided by Dedicated Support Staff but without the exorbitant price. In addition to the core support services, our company provides 24/7 personnel availability, 24/7 server monitoring, 24/7 emergency server administration, and server security hardening.