Infrastructure as Code

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) refers to the process of managing and supplying infrastructure using code rather than human methods. Configuration files containing your infrastructure specifications are created with IaC, making it easier to change and distribute configurations. It also ensures that you provide the same environment every
time. IaC supports configuration management and helps you prevent undocumented, ad-hoc configuration modifications by codifying and documenting your configuration standards. Version control is a crucial aspect of IaC, and your configuration files, like any other software source code file, should be under source control. Deploying your infrastructure as code also allows you to break it down into modular components that can be combined in a variety of ways using automation.

Advantages of infrastructure as code

There are numerous advantages to infrastructure as code (IaC). It aids in the cost-cutting and speed-up of deployments. It also aids in the reduction of errors and the enhancement of infrastructure uniformity. Configuration drift is eliminated using laC.