Webhosting Control Panels

Let it be Microsoft Windows or Linux distributions, control panels are totally web-based interface which has the capability to manage a web-hosting server easily. These control panels provide an elegant solution to manage your servers with our premium support assistance. We are experts in most of the famous and powerful control panels since we have years of experience working with such various control panels. Most of these control panels are paid and fortunately, there are few open source control panels which are available for free. You can contact us for any assistance you may have on managing control panels.

It offers a graphical interface to manage the hosting account so effectively and efficiently. It is a Linux based control panel and is user-friendly, which makes it commonly used. cPanel is always clubbed with WHM.

Plesk is a centralized control panel to build and manage multiple sites from a single dashboard. You can also run updates, monitor performance and onboard new prospects all from the same place.

It is very similar to cPanel and provides support for multi-customer setups. It offers access to three different levels that includes admin, user, reseller. It provides additional security and necessary features for all requirements.

WebsitePanel is built for windows hosting. It can be customized and has complete control over windows server applications. It also enables users to manage the services by themselves in the easiest way.

ZPanel works in a similar way like the other control panels such as cPanel. It can make use of it to easily manage every facet of web servers such as FTP, DNS, MySQL databases, email accounts and more sophisticated configuration like managing quotas & cron jobs.

Webmin is a web interface that allows you to manage configuration files and reload programs through a browser, without needing to SSH into your Linode. Since Webmin is accessed through a web browser, you can log in from any system connected to your network.

Webuzo is a LAMP STACK and a Single User Control Panel. You can install it on a Server or deploy it in the form of Virtual Appliances. With a simple and user-friendly GUI – Webuzo Cloud Launcher allows you to deploy your favorite application on the Cloud.

Odin Automation Essentials is a scalable, multi-server hosting automation and billing solution for small and medium-sized service providers. The new release brings the support of many other services, including Azure services, VPS hosting and Shared hosting.

What We Offer

Emergency support

We understand the importance of the website’s availability. Thus, we provide 24×7 support in restoring services and even communicate with the DC to power-cycle the server if needed.


The site’s loading speed as well as availability is a huge concern for customers. We are quick in finding out the cause and fixing it permanently.


We assist in setting up as well as customizing the control panel accounts according to the needs of our customers.


We are ready to migrate the customers accounts to and from our servers. Cross platform migrations are not a matter of concern.

Security assistance

Servers are always the targets of attacks like phishing, spamming, DDOS, IP black listing etc. We not only help customers recover, but also provides preventive measures for the same.